Echo Foundation is a private charitable foundation incorporated in 1983, whose head office is in Montreal, Canada. Its two areas of interest are:

Mental health

The Foundation’s mental health grants are directed at organizations located either in Montreal or Toronto, which provide frontline services to improve the quality of life of persons suffering from serious and persistent mental health problems. These include drop-in centres, residential facilities, reinsertion programs, family support services and pilot projects with the potential of improving the care and services to vulnerable persons with serious and persistent mental health problems.
List of mental health grants made in 2023.


The Foundation’s environment grants focus on Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces), with a priority given to the protection of natural areas of ecological importance. The Foundation also provides support, on a case-by-case basis, for a variety of other concrete endeavours designed to promote and enhance sustainable environmental practices
List of environmental grants made in 2023.

Applying for a grant

Grant requests to Echo Foundation are to be made by addressing a letter of inquiry providing the charitable organization’s history, its Revenue Canada BN/charitable registration number, its complete address, a copy of its three latest Annual Reports and financial statements, a brief description of the proposed project, the project budget, the amount of the grant sought, the list of confirmed and potential project funders, the name and direct telephone number of the person in charge of the project (absent which the request will not be considered), and a list of similar projects. Please note that grants awarded may not be used for political activities.

To contact us

Echo Foundation
1350 Sherbrooke St. West, Suite 1050
Montréal QC H3G 1J1
Attn.: M. Kevin Leonard, Executive Director

Telephone: (514) 843-5112
Fax: (514) 843-4080